How to Select a Great Architectural Photographer

Quality architectural photography is a crucial investment in highlighting in promoting your projects. Selecting a competent architectural photographer is important in making sure that the photos convey the designer’s or architect’s vision and the design aesthetics of the structure. There are several architectural photographers, and they all claim to be the best, making it tough to select the best. However, doing research will ease the task of choosing a good architectural photographer. Make sure you consider these points.

Consider pre-production. Will the architectural photographer come to the site location in advance? Is he ready to give suggestions to better the set? Will he troubleshoot and inform you about potential issues? Will he make you aware of the required permits? Or will the photographer turn up on the shoot day and hope for the best? Pre-planning can break or make a shoot; the reason you need an architectural photographer who is available before the shoot day.

The architectural photographer should have exceptional post-production skills. Post-production skills are important for any project and can make the difference between a great and a good one. Many do not understand how much work post-production involves or how much it adds to your images. Ask a potential photographer for pre and post-samples in order to determine what he can do. Post-production covers a broad gamut, including color balancing, adjusting levels, adding depth of field, and lots of technical enhancements. One thing that comes up more frequently than you imagine is removing or adding things to an image. Look at an image below marred cables and a pole, then check the editing in post-production.

Ensure the photographer offers multiple visual options. Sharp architectural photographers will ask about photos for other media vehicles; for instance, on a shoot for a print portion, they may ask about needs for your social media, annual reports, website, and other collateral materials.

Your architectural photographer should function as a consultant. A professional architectural photographer probably has thousands of shoots he has done before. Is he ready to spend his time to provide you with ideas, help you obtain better shots, think of how to make you stand out from the rest, and work with you on messaging?

Check how cost-friendly the architectural photographer is. Cost is an important aspect of your architectural photography, the reason you need a photographer who charges fair rates. However, you should not lean on the price too much and compromise important elements such as the quality of shots, the photographer’s flexibility, and others. Ensure the architectural photographers you are considering are known for doing a pleasing job before you check their prices. After comparing the prices of such architectural photographers, make an informed choice.

The quality of the queries you ask influences the quality of the responses you get and, ultimately, the ability to select a great architectural photographer. Thus, be sure to check samples, but do not stop there. It is important to pay attention to all the above points. Do not be shy about posing queries to ensure you get the correct person who’ll bend over to provide a great job.

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